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How much are birthday packages?

Our birthday packages are 100% free, but there are restrictions. If you are interested in celebrating your birthday with us, please call or text us at 773-630-1020.

What's the dress code?

We encourage upscale dress code at all of our events. We do not allow Air Force 1's, Timberland Boots, or sports attire.

Do you offer valet parking?

Yes, all of our venues offer valet parking EXCEPT for Play Kitchen & Cocktails. We would suggest parking in nearby parking garages or using the Spot Hero app to find nearby parking spaces.

How old do you have to be to get into venues?

All of our venues are 21+, unless stated otherwise.


Calendar of Events
Coyotes is ...
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Sundays 10pm-4am
21+ with valid photo ID to drink
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Saturdays 10pm-3am
21+ with valid photo ID to drink
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Roof on the Witt is...
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